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My Main Objectives

Objective 1: Workforce

There needs to be more focus put on vocational education in our schools. We have stressed that everyone needs to have a college education to succeed in today’s work place. We’ve educated the future generations solely based on continuing their education with a college degree. It’s time we take a step back and access the need for more vocational programs in our schools. There are many successful individuals in our community that don’t have a college education. I never attended college and I don’t feel I was denied anything in my lifetime that I was willing to work for. Better jobs are not coming to our communities if an employable workforce is nonexistent.

Objective 2: Roads and Bridges

Everyone is concerned about the current state of our roads and bridges. I share the same concerns and want to not only see the roads and bridges repaired. When were fixing the problem there needs to be more focus put on how will we maintain them and continue to repair them in the future. There has to be a plan put in place that provides for adequate road funding well into the future. We’ve focused so hard on state roads and bridges but have forgotten the local ones. We need to untie the hands of the city and county officials so they also can come up with a way to support local roads.

Objective 3: Common Sense

There is an outcry from Hoosiers to legislate with a common sense approach. We need to solve issues in Indiana without creating more issues down the road. In many instances there is a focus on fixing the problem at hand without consideration of what damage it will create in the future. It’s not that hard to solve problems without creating more. Quit moving legislation on just to create another issue. It doesn’t have to be difficult, Hoosiers don’t need more government in their lives. All too often when legislation is presented it really means another layer of government reporting or regulation is on the way. We need to work to stream line the current government and remove the non essential portions that do nothing but create more red tape.

Dedication for District 20

Objective 1

We need to address the workforce or declining workforce problem.

Objective 2

Perpetual funding of our roads and bridges.

Objective 3

A common sense approach to legislature.

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